With Jumblo your customers can call and sms anywhere in the world at the lowest rates possible.

Jumblo offers some great VoIP deals to top VoIP destinations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, etc.

Also, Jumblo offers 90 free days when you recharge your customer’s account; they can call several countries for free during those 90 days. Some countries that you can call for free during the free days are Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, USA, United Kingdom, Thailand and Uzbekistan.

Your customers can use the following features by creating a Jumblo account:

  • Make cheap calls through Jumblo’s easy-to-use software
  • Mobile applications for Android Phones, iPhone and Symbian phones.
  • Make Sip calls
  • Make calls via local access numbers
  • Send cheap text messages worldwide
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